Seeds of salvation

a young child died; the father had died, and the woman was living only for this child. That young child was her whole life and her only hope; otherwise, there was nothing for her to live for. And the child died. She was almost on the verge of going crazy. She wouldn’t allow people to take the child to the crematorium. She was hugging the child in the hope that perhaps he might start breathing again. She was ready to give her life if the child could live.

The people said, “This is not possible, it is against the law of nature.” But she was in such misery, she could not listen to anybody. Then somebody said, “The best way is, let us take this woman to Gautam Buddha who, just by chance, is in the village.”
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She starts scrubbing again

“I don’t know much about what mystics are all about,” she continues, “but that’s the whole thing. No matter how great a mystic guy you are, no matter how great everyone thinks you are, if you’re still in the theater…”
– Jed McKenna, Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damnedest Thing
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Hexagram 7


Hexagram 7: leading; R Wilhelm 7: the army; Hua-Ching Ni 7: military leadership; HDS Gate 7: gate of the role of the self, the army; S. Reifler 7: soldiers; J Blofeld 7: the army; S Karcher 7: legions/leader; GeneKey 7: virtue is its own reward