Moon Blog 3.5

As long as we wish, we’re in the mind, making decisions from the mind, which is not what -you- are about. While as we speak about it mean to say something different but use these words for it, language can be like that, as that too is a part of our conditioning, where we think to say and mean one thing, but actually say something else.
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Hexagram 56


Hexagram 56: sojourning; R Wilhelm 56: the wanderer; Hua-Ching Ni 56: traveling; Human Design gate 56: gate of stimulation, the wanderer; S Reifler 56: the stranger; J Blofeld 56: the traveller; S Karcher 56: sojourning at the borders/quest; GeneKey 56: divine indulgence

Karma, or not

“In this century we have confused a lot of this terminology: karma, destiny, fate, all of this language that has been popularized. But in Human Design these geometries are very specific.

If you have a right angle cross – which tends to be the majority in society – you have what is called “personal destiny“ and you’re not carrying any karma.
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Our minds attachments show up as addictions, the projected fears lavishly larded with nonsense and pure lies as we allow ourselves be taken hostage by what we can come up with, to keep up with the status-quo of our perceived suffering.


Moon Blog 25.4

in my dream, I was connecting with someone I have known for a few years. Well not known, but know of, a friend of a former friend. Seen sometimes at my former friends place, and connected with on FaceTube. A stunner, a looker, and a gentle person, sweet and caring. The sudden renewed or intensified connection happened through social media, but also voice/telephone, somehow, the dream was unclear about that.
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