Aware are you?

we may have worldly consciousness where we see and understand, foresee and comprehend the world around us and the people in it or even other worldly consciousness beyond the mystical and the strange, but when we are not self conscious
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One Lunar Cycle

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MoonBlog 26.2

A while ago, Nisarg mentioned I could have a look in Pune for doing Work as Meditation, as we spoke on and off about my life and work/money, but having been negative to anything guru or religion, it took me a while to even get used to the idea, but having read their website, they did seem to know what they were doing. So I became curious to this new way of looking at work which they claim/advertise

I knew no-one at the resort and application/reservation went all through email, which as it turned out, were other WAM people, new or old-timers, and having never been to India either, was quite the experience.

And I hated India, the stench, the pollution, the differences in wealth living side by side, death and misery next to luxurious mansions. Hate it !
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Permaculture Design Certificate


Permacultuur is samenwerken met de natuur om een betere wereld voor ons allemaal te maken Als we de natuur observeren zien we dat er een systeem van principes aan het werk is. Permacultuur gebruikt deze principes om geïntegreerde systemen te ontwikkelen die voor onze behoeften aan voedsel, energie en gemeenschap zorgen op een gezonde en efficiente wijze. Door Permacultuur kunnen we de kwaliteit en productiviteit van onze individuele levens, onze samenleving en onze omgeving verbeteren.

Westerbaen Permaculture 2010

During the year long Permaculture Design Certification Course we were asked to choose our own project so that we could put the theories into practice and possible also try out some of our own ideas. Due to the presence of an overgrown and neglected garden behind Sjef’s house at the time, we decided to sink our teeth in and to transform it, to an edible garden. At first we were under the assumption that we might possibly only be able to do soil purification, because of intense contamination by previously stored car engines by previous tenants. Gradually, we learned that the pollution seemed to have disappeared (It was 15 years ago after all, and thus possibly all had washed/seeped etc.) and then pretty soon changed our plans to creating an edible garden, where both theory and given examples, and lots of fun and fantasy all have been given a chance to come to expression. Since starting that change has become clearly visible, for both ourselves and the neighborhood and neighbors. And then also for the many birds that have gained both with the immediate neighbors as well as with us a nutrient rich and quiet/secluded space 😉

But first some introductions:


Sjef: Somewhere late 2006 Ray told me about Human Design, which brought me to the Gene Keys several years later. There I found the Anastasia Ringing Cedar book series by Vladimir Megre. Intrigued by the attention to nature and the people within it, I did a lookup online and quickly found Transition Towns, and then also Permaculture. After some more online digging it seemed Permaculture was the thing I unconsciously had been looking for, for the last 25 years. Not long after I landed on the website of ‘Gezonde Gronden‘ and their PDC year training. The appeal on the one hand is to be able to grow our own food and bring back the experience of our connection with the Earth and nature, as well as living more independent of forces and powers beyond our scope and also more self-determination and control over our own lives, food and the future. Furthermore taking into account the notion we may have had access to a lot less oil and other fuels for quite a while now already and the grotesque consequences of our dependence on them.

I experience Transition Towns and Permaculture as very important for the Earth and humanity, where Human Design and Gene Keys are much more important as an individual personal experience and endeavour.


Ray: I met Sjef late 2006 during a training program on starting your own business. At the time I coached people successfully for 5 years (through donations) on the relationship between nutrition & health en started my own business in 2007. In 2009 I did a free presentation in the Rudolf Steiner clinic at their winter-fair where I met Mireille and Borg, whom had already done this PDC training. After speaking with them I started reading up on Permaculture. Then I also read book 1 from Vladimir Megre’s Anastasia book series and became even more exited about Permaculture. Some 20 years ago I had 4 years of kibbutz experience, meaning: working on the land with fresh produce from your own soil which appealed to me at the time already. I see many advantages with Permaculture such as: self-reliance, sense of freedom, local food, less nutrition loss than found at retail and so with Permaculture healthier and cheaper food for less money and less strain on our environment.

I enjoy meeting like-minded people with passion, love and attention to health and nature, and to cooperate with it. In addition, I enjoy to contribute to the future of the world by reducing our footprint. Less fossil fuel, more freedom and being self-supporting really appeals to me. I see plenty of opportunities business-wise and it would seem a joy to eventually eat mainly, or even completely, foods from our own gardens and no more waiting in line at the health food store or other retailers or less at east.

So here is our 10 month report of were we came together twice nearly every week and (Ray) made copious notes:

In the beginning

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MoonBlog 42.3


I feel and realise now, that I wanted human design, then integral human design, and now the deep dive to be a permanent change in my life.

From conditioned, mundaine, sheeplike, shadow patterned and patented monotony and stupidity, left-brain dictations to a freed life, of eternal bliss, profound love, monetairy indifference, fullfilling dreams and wishes, and loads of joy.

But I also realise now that it is all wishfull -thinking-

And yes, my body does feel different, I feel my body differently. My mind operates the same but is not so much in control anymore as it has taken a more observing stance.
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R65GS specification differences

Motor Type
4 stroke, 2 cylinder, horizontally opposed “Boxer” engine, aircooled
Bore x Stroke
82 x 61,5 mm
84,8 x 70,6 mm
Cubic Capacity
649,6 cm3
797,5 cm3
Cylinder heads
R75/5, R80
81,96mm E=8,4
81,96mm E=8,7
Exhaust valves
Inlet valves
Max Power
27HP (20KW) at 5500rpm
48HP (35KW) at 7200rpm
50HP (37KW) at 6,500rpm
Max Torque
43Nm at 3500 rpm
52Nm at 5300rpm
56,7 Nm at 5,000rpm
Compression Ratio
8,4 : 1
9,2 : 1
8,2 : 1
Valves per cylinder
Valve control
ohv, using push rod and rocker arm
256 degrees
308 degrees
308 degrees
Carburation system
2 constant depression carburettors, Bing V 64
26mm 317-318
32mm 359-360
32mm 349-350
Main jet
Engine lubrication
wet sump
Power transmission
dry single plate, with lever-action diaphragm spring
Number of gears
Gear Selection
dog-type gearbox (ratchet foot lever)
Gear ratios
4,4 / 2,86 / 2,07 / 1,67 / 1,50 :1
Rear wheel ratio
1 : 3,44
1 : 3,36
1 : 3,36
Bevel / Crownwheel
9 : 31 teeth
11 : 37 teeth
11 : 37 teeth
Electrical system
Contact-free electronic ignition (Bosch)
Bosch 280 W
Bosch 0.7 kW
Bosch W7DC, Beru 14-7DU, Champion N9YC, NGK BP(R)6ES
Alternative Sparkplugs
NGK Iridium BPR6EIX, BP6EY, Denso Iridium IW20, Splitfire SF6D
Type of frame
double-loop tubular frame with bolt-on rear section
Front suspension
telescopic fork with hydraulic shock absorber
Rear suspension
BMW Monolever swinging arm
Spring travel front / rear
200 / 170 mm
Rim front
1.85 B 21
Rim rear
2.15 B 18
Tyres front
3.00-21 48 R
Tyres rear
4.00-18 64 R
Brakes front
single disc brake 260 mm dia
Brakes rear
simplex drum brake 200 mm dia
Dimensions / weights
Lengt x Width x Height
2230 x 820 x 1150 mm
Wheel base
1465 mm
Tank capacity
19,5 ltr
Weight empty
Unladen weight, full tank
Max permissible weight
Ground clearance
Fuel consumption
5,0 L / 100km (at 90km/h)
5,0 L / 100km (at 90km/h)
Top speed
Acceleration 0-100km/h
9,4 sec
7,1 sec
5,6 sec


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