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Living Your Design Student manual

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Reading through the latest version of the LYD Student Manual I found a few things that had typos, or words missing, or I simply wondered about what is being said, an overview/rundown:

Page 1:If you could observe the planets and their movements for a few hundred years, you would see that each planet moves at a different speed, yet synchronized the others.
– They do? Each planet synchronized the others?

Page 8:It was abandoned about 300 years ago” & Page 9:The well dried up about two hundred years ago. That is why the house was given up.
– So about 300 years ago it was already abandoned and about 100 years later the well dried up.

Page 19:Through living your lives according to your Strategy and Authority, the Personality and the Design live express correct roles.
– ‘live and express’?

Page 20:Your Undefined Center become deeply conditioned by being in their auras to the point that, by age seven, your conditioning is eastablished.
– ‘established’

Page 45:People with Undefined Throats need find a place inside themselves where they are comfortable being quiet.
– ‘need to find’?

Page 48:When we resolve this internal conflict and attain a state of self-love and acceptance, and then we can give and receive love.
– one and too much? ‘self-love and acceptance, then we

Page 55:Motors, the Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Centers, have more energy and more intensity than the other Centers – The Spleed, G Center, Throat, Ajna and Head Centers.
– ‘Spleen’

Page 63:Someone with an Undefined Sacral runs around on the borrowed energy of someone else, such as a child, friend, lover or co-worker, in their aura. It could be a child, friend, lover or co-worker.
– ‘the child, friend, lover or co-worker’ mentioned twice
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Book Review: Human Design, de blauwdruk van je leven

Ik ben zelf meer dan bijzonder blij met het boek, omdat er voor publicatie ongelofelijk veel vrije interpretatie van Human Design was en is.


Die soms opmerkelijk interpretatie komt mijn inziens enerzijds door de soms moeilijke vertaalslag van Engels naar Nederlands voor die Nederlanders die met Human Design in aanraking kwamen en al dan niet zo goed het Engels beheersen. Anderzijds omdat we nu eenmaal allemaal best intensief geconditioneerd zijn en zowel de leercurve aan het begin nogal flink is, en we vaak heel slecht zelf door hebben wat een wartaal er soms uit onze mind/mond komt. Daarnaast zijn we vaak letterlijk blind voor zaken die we als heel normaal beschouwen en zelfs als belangrijk onderdeel van onze identiteit of geloofsstructuur zien. En, Human Design is echt een andere manier van kijken naar jezelf en het leven, echt radicaal anders.

Dit boek heeft, naar mijn niet zo heel bescheiden mening, Human Design in het Nederlands op een heel hoog plan getild, en kan men nu heel eenvoudig naar het boek verwijzen in plaats van persoonlijke discussie’s te moeten hoeven aangaan wat vaak alleen een ego/mind tijdsverspilling is.

Maar wel degelijk ook een aantal op- en aanmerkingen, omdat sommige dingen die gezegd worden zelfs komplete kul zijn. Overigens, gaat dit over de 1e druk, er is intussen een 3e druk verschenen welke ik niet gelezen heb, dus wellicht zijn er enkele dingen gewijzigd. Here goes:
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MoonBlog 6.1

Reading some of the questions from some people that are new, I realize and see, that there is not a description anywhere about the Lunar Cycle that makes any sense. Reflectors are told to follow the moon, look at the moon, this and that, but not much is said about what that means.

Now many have found, that the Lunar Cycle is not something to do with our minds, it is something that reveals itself through the application of it, but even that is not really described anywhere. Now I see it, but I might not be the one to fix it.

In the meantime, Dharmen and Leela sometimes offer their Online Class: Embracing The Path of the Moon, A Journey of Discovery through the Lunar Cycle which is a 5 week course and highly recommended.

And I provide an individual personalised and extended Lunar Cycle & other Transits Chart with a brief explanation here:

Any Reflector Professional can fill you in, but for now, there is no easy online resource to simply read up on it, which I ponder might also be a ‘good thing’. However, if you have noticed something odd with the Lunar Cycle as presented in ‘The Definitive Book of Human Design’ I have made a corrected version attached here (16 gates missing, 4 double mentions and then 6 repeated, and not starting in Design Moon (but in Design North Node) and there is more off about it than just the sequence since no one ever changes Type, but for now):

Definitive Book pages 144-145 Lunar Cycle Revision

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