Evelyne Beyer

What is left to ‘let go’ of?

“So I meet so many people around the world who are trying to let go of or release thoughts and feelings, they’re trying so hard to be free from thoughts and feelings. Of course that’s the mind’s version of freedom, that’s always the mind’s conversation with present experiences. ‘How can I be free from you? How can I be free from you, fear? Hey anger, how can I be free from you? Hey doubt, how can I free myself from you?’
So that’s how the mind conceives of freedom, it’s some kind of destination, some kind of goal.

So I’d like to shift the paradigm. What if freedom is not a goal? It’s not a destination? It’s not something that’s coming in the future, but freedom is actually your nature. So it’s no longer about, ‘How can I be free from thoughts and feelings? How can I free myself from judgmental thoughts or negative thoughts? How can I free myself from fear or sadness or shame?’
What if the true freedom actually lies in this allowing, allowing thoughts to be here, allowing feelings to be here. So you’re not trying to free yourself from thoughts and feelings but you are the freedom, you are by nature, it’s your nature, freedom. You are the freedom in which thoughts are allowed to come and go, feelings are allowed to come and go. The freedom in which fear is allowed to arise and fall, in which anger is allowed to appear and disappear. As if you were this great ocean of presence and every thought, every feeling was like a wave coming and going in your vast embrace and your ever present embrace.

If you conceive of a thought or a feeling as a child standing in the doorway, the doorway of presence, the doorway of the present moment. And that child could be a thought, a feeling, it could be sadness, it could be fear. So what we normally do, is slam the door in the face of that child and say ‘I don’t want you here, you shouldn’t be here in the present moment, there’s no room for you, you don’t belong’.
And that’s when we end up trying to let go of, or release. We try to release or let go of these thoughts and feelings. Which basically means, we don’t want them, we don’t want them, they don’t belong.
So the moment you’re trying to release or let go of a thought or feeling, basically you’re in deep resistance to that thought or feeling, you don’t want it within you.

So this is an invitation to let go of the very idea of letting go, to release the very idea of release. Because that’s not what these thoughts and feelings are asking for, these children at the door. Sadness doesn’t come with that message. Sadness is not asking to be released. Sadness is not asking to be let go of. Sadness is not asking to be transcended. Sadness is not asking to be healed actually.
These thoughts, these feelings, all they’re asking is that ‘Is there room for me? Can I be here? Can I be here? Can I come in? Can I exist? Am I allowed to exist?’ And in so many ways our answer is ‘No’.

But I think that’s what waking up is really all about. It’s like ending the war with thoughts and feelings, because you come to remember your nature.
And I love this metaphor; you are the sky, and thoughts and feelings are part of the ever-changing weather. And thoughts and feelings can be pleasurable, the joy, the bliss, ecstasy, excitement, contentment or the weather can be negative, we use this word negative, you know, there can be a storm, there can be rain, there can be sleet, there can be fog, there can be anger and sadness and doubt and shame. But as the sky, there’s so much room, there is so much room in what you are, in presence, there’s so much room.

So from the perspective of presence, which is what you are, there is no question of releasing or letting go of thoughts or feelings. The sky is not trying to release or let go of or be free from the rain, the sleet, the fog, the snow. That’s not a question for presence, how to be free from thoughts or feelings because presence itself is freedom.

So from that perspective you can say to thoughts or feelings ‘Hey of course, of course you can be here, come in. Stay for as long as you need to stay’.
You’re not, you’re no longer trying to let go of or release thoughts and feelings, you’re being the permission, this permission. You say to sadness ‘Hey, like, you can stay, stay for a minute, stay for an hour, stay for a day. You can come, you can stay, you can leave, you can come back.’ That’s a much more honest and loving conversation.

So in a way you’re not, you’re no longer trying to let go of sadness, you’re not trying to let sadness go, you’re letting sadness be. It’s a lot easier because it’s your nature.
You’re letting sadness stay, you’re letting sadness go, of course, if sadness wants to go. You’re letting sadness come back, if sadness wants to come back, because you are not the sadness, you are the space for the sadness, the sky, the presence. You’re letting fear come, yes, you’re letting fear go, yes. You’re letting fear come back, if it needs to, if it wants to.

You’re not trying, you see, it’s very very different from trying to let go of fear because then you’re at war and it goes against your nature. As the sky of presence, there’s no question of trying to release or trying to let go.
And then ironically, that is the letting go, that is the release, that is the relief of just being the space in which every thought, however strange, however fantastical, however seemingly negative or every feeling, however intense, however unexpected, however uncomfortable has a home.” – Jeff Foster, The myth of ‘letting go’

transcript by Evelyne Beyer

Human Design Unleashed – The Choice

The term “no choice” often gets thrown around in Human Design. But “No Choice” can only accurately be described from the Witness or Passenger perspective, a state that few humans possess. In this inaugural rant John Martin challenges the day-to-day use of “No Choice,” and suggests that there is one…Its Not What You THINK

The Choice or No Choice.
You know, like so many other things in Human Design there’s terms that get thrown around that are very very dangerous.
You know, when somebody states ‘No Choice’ as a Passenger, as a witness, as a differentiated frequency of their Form Consciousness, then the statement ‘No Choice’ can be incredibly true and I would have to concede the point ultimately yes there is no choice. You are sailing, sailing through your life from birth to death. You’ve been given a Trajectory, you are going there.

But like so many other things in Human Design where the information, the incredible Zen knowing that comes from that statement ‘No Choice’ simply empowers your mind like so many other pieces of Human Design that simply just is one more little bit of candy to keep you nicely comfortable asleep.

So I will challenge ‘No Choice’. I say there is a choice. The choice is to either let your mind run your life or to differentiate into a Form Conscious being. Now look, those two choices, very different. One will give you pain, the other will give you suffering.

To become a differentiated Form Consciousness, to put down the little teddy bears of your mind and wake up as yourself is not an easy task. It will be painful. All of your Open Centers, the addictions you’ve been feeding since birth are going to rebel. Your mind is going to rebel. It’s going to do everything it can to hold you hostage. To your own mind. To your own conditioning. To break free of those addictions, the addictions to those Open Centers and everything that you’ve been feeding that pain body, all of this time, is going to hurt.

But suffering, suffering is a lifetime of not quite being yourself, of it never quite being good enough, of not quite being Satisfied, never truly knowing what Success is or what Peace is.
I mean suffering, that’s a whole different trip. You want to do suffering? Then go around and just go ‘Oh yeah I have no choice, I have no choice, oh no choice’. It’s a fucking cop out when half of you say it and you know it. It’s one more way to let your mind stay in control. Or maybe you don’t know it and if you don’t then I hope this gets through to you.

Again, ‘No Choice’ is a very beautiful thing, it is a very Zen statement that from one perspective is absolutely true. But for where most of you are at or most of humanity is at, hell from where I’m at, oh no, there’s a fucking choice. There’s absolutely a choice.

The choice is to live my life from my Aura Mechanics or to live my life from my mind. That’s the choice. And see, if you’re ready to make -that- choice, then perhaps Human Design is for you.

You know, I see for quite clearly this is not for everyone. And I see how much this information simply, you know, so many people take this information and simply re-empower their mind to continue to live out whatever their little trips are, using Human Design information.

I mean this is what the whole Unleashed thing is about, is like, look we don’t need more. Trust me, you got plenty in your Design, you don’t need to add to anything here. There is no adding to in this process. There’s a simply the destruction of, the destruction of what is not you. The destruction of what is not true. No belief is true. No belief is true. If it requires your belief, it is not true.

So no, I challenge you. If you’re going to say to me ‘No Choice’, that better be the fucking Passenger. That better be the witness that, like myself after 13 years of looking back and going: “holy shit, I am really not in control of this thing”.

And yet, on the day-to-day plane, on the ‘Material Plane’, where I live in the Maya, every day there’s a choice. There’s a choice to let my mind do what it would do if I let it run away like a puppy dog and go running into the neighbors yard and peeing all over the place, which is what the mind loves to do. Fed by the Open Centers, fueled by what you’re not. So that it can recreate all the same drama’s and all the same pain. So you can have things to work on and so you can never really get your own life. I mean, that’s what the mind will have you do.

Or you can go with the short-term pain. Nah, you know, five to ten years, of detox, cellular transformation, re-empowerment of your own Body. Form Consciousness.

I mean, I’m so sick of hearing people talk about Human Design information as if it means anything. The knowledge is incredible, but only, only when your Form is aligned. Until then it’s simply more Mind candy. Little children getting caught, you know, you wanting their little chocolate, “oh I need another, I need another”. Yeah, hey, if it’s correct, from your Body, you enter into something correctly, yes, information; amazing.

But the whole ‘No Choice’ thing, very very dangerous statement. One more way for you to stay comfortably asleep in your little prison cells. To have your mind just, you know, paint another mural of your little bliss fantasy: “Oh there was no choice. Oh I don’t know what, oh there’s no choice”, yeah there is a choice.

The choice is you can pretend to be grown-up for about thirty seconds. The choice is, you can meet this with a vigilance and a radical intensity, there is that choice. And what you get from your Form Consciousness, when your Body is actually flying your life, instead of your mind trying to navigate for what it wants. Yeah, you can get something. You can get to that Passenger Consciousness, you can see that, yes, truly, ultimately, yes, there is ‘No Choice’.

So the choice, the challenge today is you can take the blue pill and you can go off and dream and get your teddy bear and roll over with your blanket and stay comfortably asleep.
Or you can take the red pill, meet this with the fierceness of a warrior and you can just see how deep this rabbit hole goes.” -John Martin

(transcript by Evelyne Beyer)