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By ThornDaddy, forward by Dollie Llama

ThornDaddy from the “Submission and Coffee” podcast teaches you how to pet her pretties, part her petals, and nail her to the center of the earth with your cock until she squirts stars and secrets onto the majesty of your bed.

HOW TO FUCK A WOMAN’S BRAINS OUT is not a guide on how to “find em’ feel em’ fuck em’ and forget ’em.” It’s not a manual on how to “bag weak women with pickup lines and mind tricks,”

HOW TO FUCK A WOMAN’S BRAINS OUT is a stunning BDSM resource and manifesto on finding the perfect willing sex slave (or two), keeping her in your life, and loving the hell out of her ~ mind, body and soul.

Includes Appendix:
“Interviews With Seven Kinky Women About What They Want and Need”

“This man owns me; heart, mind, soul and pussy.” -ThornDaddy’s wife, Dollie Llama (author, Diary of an S&M Romance)

“The most amazing mind-shattering sex I’ve ever experienced is with ThornDaddy and Dollie Llama, and this little kitty just can’t stop purring.” -“the pet” (ThornDaddy and Dollie Llama’s girlfriend)

“I had to move. There was so much loud sex, I couldn’t think.” -Bill M. (ThornDaddy’s downstairs neighbor, January 1999 to April 1999)

A crucial read for all men and women interested in kinky love.

eBook ISBN: 978-0-97053-928-1 Paperback book: ISBN 978-0-97053-922-9

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A free and civilised society should be judged by its willingness to accept porn

“…PORN TO BE FREE is a provocative documentary that explores the sexual revolution from the 70’s and 80’s through the incredible genesis of porn from the first magazines, first photoshoots to the first porn stars. The film is directed by controversial Italian director Carmine Amoroso and has been produced in an entirely independent way, without the support of any institution or broadcaster…The film features the main protagonists of that time, including porn star Cicciolina and her mentor and pornographer Riccardo Schicchi, pioneer director Lasse Braun as well as key feminist figures Giuliana Gamba and Lidia Ravera. The film also reveals the story of an unpublished short porn animation by Charlie Hebdo’s caricaturist Siné…”.

Getting viewers to “delve that little bit deeper into their fantasies.”

Ad of the Day: Adult Retailer Makes Probably the Craziest X-Rated Ad Yet (NSFW) Director Rankin’s best work ever? By Tim Nudd

Sex sells, particularly when you’re selling lingerie and sex toys. And now, two of Britain’s top creatives have teamed up to make one of the most extravagant erotic brand films ever—a frenetic two-and-a-half-minute film for London adult retailer Coco de Mer. TBWA\London’s Walter Campbell and renowned photographer/director Rankin provided the creative vision for the film, which packs in a huge number of sexual images and vignettes, along with some other odd imagery. It’s basically an art film with the Coco de Mer logo thrown on the end. But Campbell and Rankin are immensely proud of the spot, which will run online and in cinemas.


Rankin, whose résumé includes a ton of top-notch fashion films, tells Campaign that the ad is “definitely the best thing that I have done in film. … It has layers of meaning, and to get that in advertising is rare.” He adds: “Doing something like this is about creating an experience. We’re putting it on a different level. Putting it on a level with enjoying a film. People call it content marketing, but it’s just about making something people want to watch.” Campbell said: “The erotic doesn’t get the same overt attention as everything else on the cultural menu, so we created a film to surprise, excite and most importantly, encourage people to delve that little bit deeper into their fantasies—to reignite that connection.” Several other directors also worked on the film, including Vicky Lawton, Trisha Ward and David Allain. The production company was Rankin Film. Postproduction was done by MPC.


50/50 Squelches Our Sexual Essence


“I am suggesting that, as we have grown in wholeness, many of us have lost touch with our own true sexual essence as well as our partner’s, so we aren’t getting what we really want in a relationship. Instead of enjoying the uniqueness of each person’s sexual essence, we often settle for a fair, relatively healthy, yet mediocre sense of equality.

For instance, we may think we want to share “old-style” Masculine and Feminine responsibilities equally with our intimate partner. So, we agree to a fair, 50/50 split right down the middle but we really don’t enjoy cooking half the time or changing the oil in the car half the time. It just doesn’t feel authentic to our core. It doesn’t feel like our true gift. Our sexual essence ends up feeling squelched. It’s not completely fulfilling, but at least it’s fair.

We also end up unfulfilled when we disregard the sexual essence of our intimate partner. For example, we want our partners to be receptive and listen to us as if they were our therapists, but we also want them to ravish us as if they were gods or goddesses of love. Our partners may become so used to “giving us space” and listening to our problems, however, that they no longer feel free to spontaneously ravish us with the wild force of their love.
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