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Outer authority is what we share

“…what we communicate to each other in order to bond to each other. Defined or undefined ajna and head, whether to the throat or not can never be an inner authority. It can only have outer authority and be of value to the other. We all live on the mental plane. This is where we have our home in this stage of our evolution. Even though we can talk about the splenic system, none of you knows how the lymphatic system works. None of you can possibly understand how it operates. None of us have any connection to the neural system that runs our emotional system, which is so complex that even the scientists are deeply baffled by all of that. Where we live is – we live on the mental plane.

Long before we had the capacity to articulate in the earliest stages of our development as a species, we lived only from the splenic plane. Like our dogs and cats, we were just vibrating in the Now. Today we live in our evolution at this mental level. Please recognize something, we are in the last 300 or 400 years of mental development; it is practically finished now. The mind can only be at peace when it recognizes its nature and it sees over and over again the truth of that recognition confirmed for it. That is why Human Design is mental, not spiritual or therapeutic – Human Design is a mental system so we can finish our mental business, so we can get to the spirit. We can’t get to the spirit until we finish this mind trip. As long as we are trying to give inner authority to our mind, we can never get to the spirit. So we have to finish our mental business. That means that we have to come to understand our nature and then to experiment in our lives to recognize its inherent truth.

This is not about taking something in mentally and that’s it – like you read a good book or you read some philosopher or teacher or whatever the case may be. This is practical application, practical knowledge, something that you use. This is practical and the moment that you grasp the essence of your design and you start your process of living that out, by the time you’ve confirmed it for yourself, by the time you’ve gone through that seven-year process, you will leave the mind behind. It won’t matter anymore.

My mind does not matter to me anymore. It is just this busy thing up here doing its thing, giving out its outer authority. But it has no place in my life anymore; it has no power over me anymore, none whatsoever. It is just a nice thing, it is just a lovely tool, and its nothing more. Because in the nature of who I am, I’ve reconfirmed that over and over and over and over again. This is what our process is. Only when we get to this point that we satisfy our minds, only then will we be free of them; we must satisfy them.

Think about your spiritual experiences, your esoteric experiences. It is great to sit around and hug the light, but you know, what does it mean? Until you come to a point where you can let go of this mind trying to figure out what’s important for you, only then does the light matter anyway. There is no light as long as you are running around trying to find inner authority in your mind. It just doesn’t work. But you must recognize that the mind itself is a holy thing and it is an incredibly powerful thing. It must be satisfied, or it will never let go of you, never. It will torture you until you die, because that is what the mind can do. That is what it does to us – it tortures us till death, “Could I, should I, might I, would I, why not, how come.” On and on and on and on.

Until you get to that point that you can release your mind from that, you still have to deal with suffering in this life. The moment that your mind is satisfied, the moment that your mind is just a little corporal working in the office doing research, everything is great. The maya machine is only there to add up all the numbers and know what the formula is. Once you know the formula, you’re liberated and then you can deal with the spirit.” – Ra Uru Hu

De EU-Commissaris

De man achter ’t katheder past maar nét
als hij zijn slokje neemt, een stilte inlast
en dan ’t publiek niet schokt en niet verrast
en onderwijl wat loenst naar het buffet.

Hij heeft het mooie praatje aangekleed
met woorden over dialoog, connectie.
Zo staat hij met een stiekeme erectie
en weet de dingen die alleen híj weet.

En het publiek, in pak en strop gestoken,
ze stoten elkaar stil, wat honend aan:
Kijk naar dat varken! Zie de stumperd staan!

Maar als het speech-einde is aangebroken
blijkt op ’t toneel het machtige van de paus
die zich zó laaft aan daverend warm applaus.” – El Roberto

De zittende politicus

“Hij heeft nog nooit gedanst. Hij kent zijn doel.
Nog nooit is op zijn vale klerkensmoel
Zomaar een lach verschenen, maar die nacht,
Nadat de gek de nar had omgebracht,
Kroop hij zijn bed uit, glimmend van de pret,
En maakte hij onbespied een pirouette.
Dank, dank, riep hij, het monster is geveld.
Hij oefende het woord ‘geschokt’ voor morgen
En sliep als twintig ossen kunnen slapen.
Straks is hij, voor de camera, vol zorgen.
Natuurlijk is hij zwaar tegen geweld.
Daar klinkt verdomd weer zijn belegen lied.
Hij loopt op straat, ondragelijk rechtschapen,
En ziet nog steeds het echte monster niet.” – Gerrit Komrij. 10 mei 2002 (na de moord op Pim Fortuyn)

SunBlog 60.1

Weirdos in the mail:

Weirdo: Hello Sjef, Do you have MMAI software that you can run a Solar Return chart for me?
Hope you see this. Best

Me: You offer them yourself, but ask me? [his own professional analyst website link]
thinking to myself: ‘I actually feel weirded out by (t)his request, how to get rid of this guy?’

Weirdo: I don’t have the software at hand to calculate the chart itself.
Do you know my request was removed?
oh no it’s there – paranoid 5 here.
So no, I am no tasking for a reading. I am asking for the chart.
Can you run one for me on MMAI?

Me: Don’t want to. Not in my network of friends.

Weirdo: Accepted – very generous of you – NOT

Me: Ah yes, here it comes.

Weirdo: Sjef shut the fuck up


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The Mind is Stupid

“I was always the smartest person I knew and my mind is so stupid. I lived the not-self a long time, like all of you. Wow, dumb, unbelievable. It isn’t about smartness or intelligence; it isn’t about any of those things. It‘s not about that you don’t trust your mind because your mind isn’t smart enough. Mine is pretty smart. Mine is quite a thing. You don’t trust it because it‘s none of its business. This has been the great distortion. And the easiest way to stay homogenized is just to listen to your mind and follow its instructions. This is homogenization.

I know how difficult the journey is. You enter into this process, you begin to align your vehicle to what is correct, you begin to eliminate the resistance, and you begin to see differently, seeing how things work. But it’s quite a thing to get to that place where you let go of the mind as the one thing you trust in that moment of crisis where you‘re rattling around in your mind to find an answer. That’s when you know you‘re really, really not ready yet, because for the vehicle there is no such thing as a crisis. There is just movement; nothing else. It’s the mind that is all messed up. It’s the mind that tends to become, well, sort of loud and screechy, desperate, and frightened.

No choice, helplessness, and surrender are all basic, basic, basic themes in this knowledge, and they‘re all related to the same thing. It’s all about the mind, because this is where the great challenge is. And the program knows that. I don‘t mean to suggest that it is an intelligence, in that sense. It is simply built in this way. It is through the mind that we are the most deeply, deeply, deeply homogenized, at least in terms of the Personality construct.

It’s only when you get to that point where you understand that it is something to watch, not something to act on. Allow the acting to take place. Don’t ever determine the acting. It is true with every waking moment, the recognition that what is going to be correct for you is going to be there, period. You don’t have to concern yourself with it.

When you give your life over to your vehicle, truly, you really stop worrying. There is no point. It‘s sort of psychological sado-masochism, beating yourself up over what might be, could be, should be, can‘t be, whatever the case may be. In fact, the mind has nothing to do with any of that or how it’s all going to turn out. It isn’t in charge of the life. Everywhere you look in this knowledge you see the deep, deep, deep limitation of the Personality.” – Ra Uru Hu – A Digital Book for DreamRave Students

We take ourselves so seriously, human beings.

“The not-self is a very serious creature, it really is. Everything upsets it. Everything is important. Everything is “this and that.” It doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s not what we’re here for. It’s not what the nine-centered being is all about. It really isn’t. The nine-centered being is here for consciousness. We’re not here for the survival game. We’re not here for the fear game. We’re not here for all of that. We’re not here to organize ourselves. We’re not here to dominate the planet.

Each and every one of us is here for the possibility of us, nothing else. The serendipity of your existence is the treasure. They come and they go. It’s all about what you do while you’re here. In this incarnation, in this life, the only measurement is awareness. There is no other measurement. There isn’t. It’s not about what you have or where you go, it’s about awareness. It’s only in awareness that you get to see what this is for, how beautiful it is. How amazing. And all of that is rooted in you.

And it doesn’t matter what our costumes are, our crosses are, or our designs. We each have a unique grounding in this world. And we each have a gift. It is our uniqueness, and the expression out of that uniqueness. This is what the promise is, a more interesting world, deeper and deeper and deeper communion. It’s what’s possible.” – Ra Uru Hu

De Babyboomer

“Er woont een kerel mét zo’n pijp daar aan de Leidsekade
Kijk dáar stapt hij naar buiten en hij ziet de wereld aan
Hij kijkt eens rond, een blik, een knik, hij slaat het leven gade
Mijn oordeel blijkt weer kloppend denkt van zichzelf voldaan

Hij contempleert de column die hij later zal gaan schrijven
Snuif eens hoe mooi ons landje is, geen vuiltje aan de lucht
Geen jobstijding, geen donderstorm, en zo zal het beklijven
De wervelende hedendaagse waanzin draagt geen vrucht

Hij denkt aan hoe hij vroeger voor zijn idealen vocht,
Treedt weer in ’t pand dat hij voor tachtigduizend gulden kocht
Toen de economie een tijdje hevig was ontwricht

Verdiepingen met boeken stoffig en vol met cultuur
Dit is de plek voor iemand van zijn status en postuur
Dus trekt hij welgemoed de deur weer fijn achter zich dicht” – El Roberto

Lone Wolf Medicine

“Solitude and meditation is the lifeblood of the lone wolf. He (or she) can be found out on the fringes of society, mostly unseen until needed. They bask in otherworldliness. For them, the wild is both a dangerous bastion and a painful sanctuary that ruthlessly instills in them the difference between healthy and unhealthy, life and entropy, impermanence and permanence.

The lone wolf is busy connecting the finite with the infinite, dancing between worlds and bridging gaps with mystic recalibrations and relearned myth. That’s why they always find their way back to the pack (tribe). To teach and rejoin the people with the world. To rewire unhealthy and outdated cultural programming. To reconnect mortality with infinity.

The only thing they love more than this pack is the freedom to leave it. They must leave it, almost as much as they must return to it. There are borderlands to maintain, after all. There are crossroads to manage. There is a periphery to preserve. There is a horizon to upkeep so that the tribe can have something to grow and evolve into in a progressive and healthy way.

Behold, the lone wolf, living dangerously on the outskirts of the tribe. Stretching comfortable boundaries into vulnerable horizons. The lone wolf is a periphery keeper tasked with maintaining the delicate infrastructure that makes up the bridges between worlds. They are a magnetic beacon, vibrating at the crossroads, attracting new knowledge just as resolutely as they give it away. They go into the wilderness with courage and then reenters civilization with medicine in tow. They are a jostling juxtaposition that topples overreaching security with forthright freedom. The only things they fear are cages and domestication.”- Unknown

PTL 1 – Semester 1

The Human Design System is the absolute of the Mechanics of the Maya. Human Design is mechanical knowledge. Everything in Human Design is mechanical and entirely dualistic. How many times have you heard this kind of sentence since you have been introduced to it? It sounds good, doesn’t it?

And yet, by the time you have completed the ‘General Training’ (Rave ABC and Rave Cartography) the mind tends to be very busy trying to remember the different parts and views into which you have learnesd to deconstruct any Rave body Graph that is laid out in front of you.

The difficulty lies in putting all the pieces back together until they form a holistic mechanical unity in movement, or, what is the same, a human being experiencing the full spectrum of diversity in life. A human being, however, that is seen from a completely demystified black and white (red) perspective, in which the homogenized personality is always being faced with helplessness and incompetence as a bottom line existential dilemma. “We are objects moving in space”, Ra Uru Hu would say.

As a matter of fact, more than a human being, what we see in the surface of the Rave Body Graph is the homogenized drama of a human personality struggling with its own form, given the Not-Self conditionings that it is operating under without any real choice. It is only once the basic mechanical laws that rule over a singular chart are clearly understood, that choices do not carry any real meaning or value in what they can contribute to the development of the unique awareness.

In any graphical representation of logic –like in any other map you can find– everything is and has to be always based on hierarchies. Logis is the way of life. Feeling is the human way. Life is always basing everything on hierarchies that are logically structured, and to us humans this seems to be the quintessential denial of justice. because it seems to close the door to the possibility that we can ever truly feel like we are all equals. It is a cruel irony that the Not-Self is always only ‘one step away’ from awakening and liberation. But, ah, what a step this is!

Because this is not a step that you can make on the outside by changing any ‘this’ for ‘that’, but it rather represents an inner leap in awareness, a mutation that transforms everything on the inside while on the outside everything remains as it has always been. This is the power that an individual reading can have, of properly delivered.

The task is to develop the skills to clearly distinguish the inconsistency of the distorted qualities that feed and shape the mental body – where the Not-Self has constructed its fortress – from the organic and reliable truths that emerge when the inner authority of the body is in charge of conducting the life through correct decision making.

It has always been said that, as a visual science, Human Design Analysis is 50% technique and 50% art and creative self-expression. Since the artistic and creative part cannot be taught – it can only be demonstrated – it is essential that the technical part is properly grounded, and the assimilation of the different formulas and their applications is complete.

For this purpose I have developed a working schedule that resumes my over 24 years of professional dedication at the time of teaching this program, both in my personal practise as an analyst as much as in the training of new professionals.


Jim Carrey explains

“As an actor you play characters, and then, if you go deep enough into those characters you realize that your own character is pretty thin to begin with.

And then you suddenly have this separation and go: “Well who is Jim Carrey?”

“Oh he doesn’t exist actually.”

There’s just a relative manifestation of consciousness “appearing” and then someone gave him a bunch of ideas. They gave him a name, a religion, and a nationality.

And he clustered those together into something that is supposed to be a personality.” – Jim Carrey

From what I have observed…

“…the Personality is not the same thing as the passenger. The Personality is who I think I am, filtered through the mind (Ra’s definition).

We have a binary consciousness; there is the potential to observe both the design consciousness frequency of the form, and the personality consciousness frequency of the mind. We are held together in the illusion of our separateness…That which observes the body/mind vehicle is the passenger, the eternal Personality Crystal.

As long as I am identified – ‘me’ as the Personality, or ‘me’ as the vehicle, or the idea of ‘me’ as the passenger – I am missing half of the movie. Learning to observe, to be the witness to what life brings is a moment by moment experiment in being aware.”- Leela Swann-Herbert

Ra’s Words of Wisdom – The Reflector

“When it comes to Reflectors, they’re something quite different after all. They really are. Not just that they are a large minority, but they are different with a very different cycle, a lunar cycle. But the most important thing for a Reflector is to understand its relationship to the program. And you can see thematically in non-energy Types that living their Design actually means studying in many ways, being educated in their Design. Whereas living the Design for the energy Types is something that is there to be leapt into instantaneously and immediately, because it’s possible.

There is a different way in which the process works. You know the story of the tortoise and the hare, because it’s one of those cute stories. You have what appears to be the energy Types racing ahead, racing into living out their Design. But in fact, we’re all on a seven-year cycle. And though it looks like the energy Types race ahead in the end everybody gets there at the same time, it’s a seven-year cycle.

The entering in for the Projector is a different process, that’s all, or for the Reflector, a different process, a different way in which they need to enter into living their Design, which means not so much living their Design, but being focused on understanding, knowing, making sense of Design in others. And for the Reflector, to understand the deep impact of the program, of the planets, specially of the moon, of the way in which they are conditioned by the general programming field and how they have a special gift of connecting to it and to be able to see their life lived in the harmony of their relationship to the turning of the wheel.

But everything having to do with the legitimacy of involvement in this knowledge is just simply living it. And whether that means the active principle that is there in the energy Type, or the passive principle that is there in the non-energy Types, it is the same thing. It is about the commitment to the process. This is what brings transformation and it brings something much more important. That is, I have a number of goals as a teacher. One of them is to take the burden off of the shoulders of those beings who meet this knowledge because I think at the very simplest level, at the very rudimentary level of understanding your Design, it already helps you release yourself from so many burdens you have carried. And it’s a great service that it does.
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SunBlog 47.6

Weirdos in the mail:

Weirdo: Dear Mr. Pretends-To-Be-Certain, Do people also often tell you that you’re an asshole that easily gets stuck in your own very narrow and rigid way of seeing? Your childish need to be an authority and put others down? That you’re terrible at looking in the mirror of your own hypocrisy and judgments? I’m not into passive aggressively making wall posts intended for individuals, so I though I should offer you the honor of direct contact.

Me: No
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What Does Human Design Do for You?

“I’m often asked a lot of questions, obviously, about Human Design. And I think one of the most basic questions anyone asks is, what does it really do for you?

It’s often very difficult for somebody who knows Human Design to really explain what it’s all about. They end up getting stuck in trying to explain its relationship through genetics, or trying to explain Centers and Channels and Gates and complex birth data calculations, and all kinds of things. And they have a great deal of difficulty getting it across.

And yet, it’s so simple. It really is. Everything about what it is to be in the maya, everything about life on this plane, the sum total of a life is made up by its decisions. It’s just about decisions. If you look at your life you’ll see very clearly that it’s basically decisions all along the road, wherever you turn.

And yet, given the nature of being, given the fact that human beings are much more open than they are fixed, given that we are designed to interact with the conditioning field around us, and to be conditioned by those around us in order to be attracted to them, that it’s exceedingly difficult for us to even imagine what it’s like to make decisions as ourselves.
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SunBlog 31.2

Weirdos in the mail

Weirdo: Hi Sjef, I am a PLL DLR. Is there any way to learn more about it that doesn\’t cost money?
I just saw. My birth data is [Month/Day/Year + Time]
I actually remember vividly that I came up at a projector, now a generator. I thought about it and looked into my gateways and saw that my original fixed patterns when avenues to revolutionise my results and then I remember subconsciously making a firm decision to become a generator. At the time I didn\’t know the theory well at all or that I was a multidimensional traveller. But now it makes sense

Me: Hi, thank you for contacting me.
Ehrm…. Would you not rather investigate why you have a problem with something costing money instead?
Or why/how I could answer this question in the first place? Or would want to…
Born where? Which City/Country (timezone)? But ok let’s assume [place/country]
It is not uncommon that some websites use American notation for time and date and others use ‘regular’ or someone does not say where they were born and thus such different results can happen. making your Variable PLL-DLR indeed
To me it does not (make sense to me), sounds like a whole lot of unnecessary identifications to me. And, none of my business…

Weirdo: I have your perspective too. I don’t choose it. I am well aware of my soul’s lesson with money, poverty consciousness is a blessing in disguise and a work in progress. To answer, yes I have explored that. You didn’t answer though. Are there any resources?

Me: “Helpless and incompetent”? (Ra quote)
I actually did (answer you): “Or why/how I could answer this question in the first place? Or would want to…”
But why would I even investigate that for you? Are you paying me to work for you, so I can find out?

Weirdo: I don’t work with people like you. Never mind

Me: Nr 5 seems to fit perfect for you

But I guess nrs 1, 2 and 6 also apply. Thanks for the entertainment
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SunBlog 12.4

Weirdos in the mail

Weirdo: “I swear to God,if that HD page gets closed because of your fucking stupid comments, I am personally going to fuck you up, Watch me if you don’t believe me. YOu are a fucking rude asshole, and you need to get the fuck out of the HD community, and find your own group to lead, since you think you fucking know it all. NO one wants to hear your bullshit except Alla, so you and her can go away and let the rest of us learn You rotten piece of worthless shit. Go die somewhere else, and rot someplace else away from the HD community.”

And as an encore: “please do us all a favor and remove yourself from the PHS food and environment page so we can all feel free to say what we need and learn at our own pace.!!!!!!!!!”
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De lakmoesproef

“De lakmoesproef voor een goed functionerende multicultuur is de geloofsvrijheid. Multiculturalisme veronderstelt multireligiositeit, waarbij de vrijheid van religie automatisch en onvermijdelijk ook de vrijheid van geloofsafval impliceert. Geen waarlijke vrijheid van religie zonder de vrijheid níét te geloven.

PvdA’er hoogleraar Jos de Beus sprak over dit aspect van geloofsvrijheid essentiële woorden: ‘Ik wil één simpel punt maken: iedereen in Nederland moet kunnen geloven wat hij wil, en iedereen die wil stoppen moet dat vrij en veilig kunnen doen. Ik vind dat geen speeltje in handen van neoconservatieven.’ Bij deze basale observatie beginnen in dit land spijtig genoeg de problemen. Lang niet iedereen van islamitische achtergrond kan ‘vrij en veilig’ in het openbaar afstand nemen van zijn geloof.

Dit verhaal gaat niet over de achtergronden en motieven van de tirannieke bedreigers van afvallige moslims; het gaat over de opmerkelijke alliantie tussen deze bedreigers en een voorhoede van autochtone lelieblanke opiniemakers en publicisten. Het is verbazingwekkend, maar die alliantie bestaat. Zeg in dit land iets over de ‘ongelofelijke wreedheid’ van het Opperwezen genaamd de God van het Oude Testament en je oogst bij deze elite bewondering en lof. Noem in dit land Mohammed naar hedendaagse westerse maatstaven ‘een perverse man’, en een deel van diezelfde elite zegt dat je ‘doodeng’ bent en dat je het aan jezelf hebt te danken dat je de rest van je leven de strengst denkbare persoonsbeveiliging moet accepteren.

Nederlanders met een moslimachtergrond die, gesteld dat zij hun afvalligheid publiek maken, hopen op morele steun van de Nederlandse culturele elite, maken hardhandig kennis met de dubbele standaard die deze elite toepast op critici van christendom en critici van de islam. Een aanzienlijk deel van deze elite ziet voor de afvallige moslim het liefst een soort status aparte, waar minder vrijheden gelden dan voor degenen die van christen in atheïst zijn veranderd. De atheïst die de spot drijft met vermeende onzinnigheden in de Bijbel draagt bij aan onze zo gekoesterde pluriformiteit. De ex-moslim die de spot drijft met vermeende onzinnigheden in de Koran gooit een lont in een kruitvat. Vanuit die zienswijze worden er officieus maar dwingend aparte gedragsregels voor de ex-moslim opgesteld. Die apartheid is onder ons.” Joost Zwagerman – Hitler in de polder & Vrij van God

In reality, there’s only one thing going on.

“There’s only one game being played in life, and these people have arrayed their mental and emotional forces expertly so as to convince themselves that they’re on the field in the thick of it while actually standing in line at the snackbar. The American dream of freedom and abundance is just a child’s rendering of true freedom and abundance, and serves only to convince people who haven’t gone anywhere that they’ve already arrived.” -Jed McKenna, Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment