August 2014

MoonBlog 44.5

A double feature:

An interesting thing to remember is, when Ra said something, there was a context to it. There was a whole litany of reasons and meaning to simple catch phrases or even rhymes.

However, when we repeat what Ra said, verbatim, without the contextual message we get into dogma and untruths, we get into teachings of faith and beliefs.

We can not say, in relationships or connection charts that ‘8-1 have some fun’ will always be like this, or even like that. Even if in our experiences so far, it has.

One experience or even 6 million don’t make a truth. They remain experiences.
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Discovering Human Design – A Projector’s Experience – By Andrea Abay-Abay

I was invited into Human Design a few years ago by someone who guessed I was a Generator from what he knew of me. He ran my chart, which showed I was one of a new Type of human that started appearing here in 1781 – a Projector. He then said emphatically “You NEED to know this stuff!”. I ordered the Definitive Book of Human Design, got a reading, and my deconditioning journey began.
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Hexagram 40


Hexagram 40: taking-apart; R Wilhelm 40: deliverance; Hua-Ching Ni 40: dissolution of the problem; HDS Gate 40: gate of aloneness, deliverance; S Rifler 40: release; J Blofeld 40: release; S Karcher 40: loosening / deliverance; GeneKey 40: the will to surrender



The Goddess of the Family Bond

Yin-Yang-Yin-Yang Gates: 40-Aloneness, 64-Confusion, 47-Realization, 6-Friction
Harmony, the agreement of sex or being the provider in communal bonds.
Harmonia embodies the feminine qualities of fertility and the power of holding the bond together in cooperation despite friction. The potential distortion here lies in the power of women to oppress or be oppressed in their role as the sex.
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Interview with Ra Uru Hu

“We are all locked into a fixed geometry in this life.”

“We are living in a conditioning environment, even if there is an illusion of separateness, we are not separated.”

“We are deeply connected to each other.”

“It takes seven years to get rid of the old conditioning, to become yourself.”
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