May 2016

Tiger Combi brushed stainless

This practical combination toilet paper holder Tiger accommodate a toilet roll and has a dedicated space for a packet of moist paper. A handy two-in-one combo! The toilet roll holder is easy to install and has a stylish design.

Handy holder of L 16 x W 11 x H 15 cm

Made of stainless steel with a fine brushed finish. With toilet roll holder and storage compartment for wet toilet paper. Includes materials to fix the holder to the wall. Durable, stainless and very strong


Heavy duty metal body, internal capsule shock mount, high level of RF rejection, on-mic selectable high pass filter @ 80Hz-12dB/Oct (-10 and -20dB PAD). Heat-treated high-strength mesh head, battery status indicator, 9V Battery Power, 24 or 48V Phantom Power. Includes wind shield, mic clip and zip pouch

The RØDE M3 is a highly versatile end-address condenser microphone, designed to be completely at home in the studio, on stage or on location. It is equally suitable as an instrument microphone for guitars, drums and percussion or even vocals.

Featuring a heavy duty metal body and internally shock mounted 1/2″ condenser capsule mounted for end-address, the M3 can be powered either via P48 phantom power, or an internal 9V battery.

A -10dB and -20dB level attenuator (pad), selectable from inside the battery compartment, allows recording of loud sound sources, such as a guitar amplifier or snare drum. A high-pass filter selectable on the microphone power switch introduces a filter at 80Hz to reduce low frequency sounds and handling noise.
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a relative puruṣārtha

“…freedom from limitation, freedom from insecurity, and freedom from being unhappy is the puruṣārtha. There is only one puruṣārtha that is sought after by all. Who is not seeking it? But there is no viveka. Even though everybody is seeking mokṣa, they do not know they are seeking mokṣa. And so, there is confusion.

The fallacy in the conclusion that I am insecure is not discerned. That I am seeking freedom from insecurity is not discerned, and because of that, I seek security. That I am seeking freedom from being unhappy is not discerned, so I seek myself as the happy person by manipulating the world or manipulating the mind. Somebody manipulates the mind, somebody manipulates the world – both of them are saṃsārins. One tries to manipulate the mind, but in fact, the mind manipulates the person.That one wants to manipulate the mind is dictated by the very mind. The mind makes the person manipulate the mind, really.” – Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Tattvabodhah

Shin-Yo Livorno

Top box Livorno 45 Liter

With mounting plate, space for two helmets. Comes with retaining plate and mounting hardware. Has quick release button to remove the Case from the retaining plate.

Dimensions: Height: 325 mm, weight: 570 mm, depth: 430 mm
Color: Black
Contents: 45 liters

Germot Summer, textile jacket

Germot Summer, textile jacket

Upper: 100% polyester
Lining: 100% polyester

Breathable summer jacket with large air mesh areas
Protectors on shoulders and elbows certified to EN 1621-1 removable
Special foam padding at the back removable
FF back protector – certified to EN 1621-1 or EN 1621-2
Reflective material
Upper arm width adjustment by push buttons
Two outside pockets
Two interior pockets
Flexible Soft Snap collar closure

Stealth summer mesh gloves


Stealth Tactical Assault Gloves

Gloves with plastic protection on knuckles and fingers, Velcro adjustable, comfortable fit.

The tips of thumb and index finger on the inside have Touch material

Designed with full wrist support, double back of hand adjustment system, multiple stitch layer design for enhance gripping power. The perfect gloves fro tactical law enforcement or military ops.

Material: 60% synthetic leather, 15% four way fabric, 10% polyester mesh, 5% neoprene, 5% touvel fabric and 5% Lycra.