N5X British Overdrive amplifier

As I’m gearing up to make this N5X British Overdrive amplifier DIY kit

as a buddy for the Marshall DSL5CR with upgraded Celestion G10 Vintage,

I was contemplating how to house it, build a cab for just the amp head, and/or then build another Thiele TL806 cabinet?
Meanwhile that Marshall has a 12AY7 V2 tube to tame the overkill madness of the Ultra Gain channel, a diy clone of the EWC SVC in the fx-loop and a Speaker Soak between amp out and speaker to be able to overdrive pre-amp and power-amp tubes while playing livingroom or even bedroom levels.

Scrolling the interwebs I found an empty housing for a Mesa Boogie MKIV combo, which looks very promising

so next, look for a speaker for it.

The MB MKIV can house a 12inch speaker and the choice quickly fell on the Celestion T4534 G12H 16 Ohm 30 Watts, 70th Anniversary edition and not only cause I found a B-stock version of it 😉

Which together (Marshall and N5X combos played together through clone diy of the Lehle P-Split) will look kinda like (sound as) this