to recognize that me, is delicious

“‘Lonely’ is a mental story built on fear of my own inability to survive that gets dressed up in all kinds of costumes. Alone is simply an internal state of being – ‘Alone’ is another way of stating ‘All One’.

And, that’s the truth for me – there is no one else inside this vehicle construct but me – and to recognize that me, is delicious. We are seldom truly alone – and yet it is when we are alone, that we actually experience our design as it is shown in the BodyGraph – and even then…there are passing transit influences.

To be alone is an internal state – our external state is that we live on a planet with 7 billion other humans. I do believe that this consciousness drive – the way the personality is motivated – is to find a way to connect, to have a sense of communion.

But until there is an internal sense of communion with our own All One-ness, there is no real possibility of communion (or unique communication) with another. Learning to experience one’s self is a solitary journey – but oh, it is an incredible path.” – Leela Swan-Herbert

Buy Me a Coffee?

Running a blog is a relatively cheap hobby, but there are annual costs associated with domain names and hosting costs. Many of my fellow bloggers and podcasters have created Patreon accounts and asked their readers for subscriptions (often in return for premium content or early access). For a variety of reasons, that’s not my thing.

Recently, however, I learned about another option called Buy Me a Coffee, and it intrigued me. It offers a super-lightweight, low-friction, method for people to appreciate work in a very casual way (in the same way you might buy your mate a beer or coffee). The service is configured so that the donation is equivalent in price to that of a cup of coffee, and no commitment is required; just a one-off gift of a couple of euros. (On the back-end, it’s similarly lightweight with no minimums, no required service contracts, and a very small and fair transaction fee).

So, as an experiment, I’ve enabled these buttons on my site. I’m not looking (or even dreaming) that this will bring me in a livable wage (that’s not why I’m blogging). I’m simply curious if it will generate sufficient revenue to pay for my annual hosting costs (and who knows, if I get sufficient revenue, enough to advance-pay future hosting costs to keep my site running posthumously)

As always, no pressure. My blog will be free to read, but if you want to ‘buy me a coffee’, that would be lovely!

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The Transit chart shows the chart of today, so ‘Personality’ side

But nothing gets imprinted, cause this only happens twice in life, 88 Solar degrees before being born (which then becomes the Design imprint) and then at birth (the Personality side). Everything else, is not you, is the weather, an external influence.

So the Transit chart of now, does not even have a Type, since Type only emerges out of the Juxtaposition of Design and Personality together, of 2 imprints of Crystals only. Type is form functioning. It can not be separated.

Then the quote, linked from my blog ( As I write it there also, but I’ve heard it is not that clear, so I reword it here:

The Transit chart looks very open, yes, but it does not mean, that everyone will experience these Transits, or not experience them (!). Not Reflectors, not other Types either.

I do not have Gate 30 activated/imprinted in my chart, nor the Gate at the other side of the channel, Gate 41. but when the Transit is in Gate 30, and this could be the Moon, or the Sun, or Jupiter. I can experience deep emotional overwhelm. And, this is a pattern, it happens often when something is in Gate 30.

Even when the Transit chart shows ‘no definition’, and I don’t have neither Gate 30 nor 41, and exactly this, this noticing, this observation from experience, is half the story of the Lunar Cycle.

There is no homogenized effect on anyone else (or at least, not forced/fixed) to experience cosmic baths, openness or the opposite, when Transits happen. It can only be, your own unique experience, which by journalling you will find out, how -you- sample life, differently, than I do, or any other Reflector does.

That really also is the power of Human Design, to become your own observer and finding your own truth, without having to listen or believe anyone else. Experientially. To become, your own Authority.

Enjoy 🙂

MoonBlog 14.4 security
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