3D printing

Electronics on my mind

laying it out

Mounting the electronics on a rear panel, facing forwards, I only have ~73mm space, so while using DIN rails, I sought other cooling options, so three 60mm fans mounted at 90 degrees it is then 🙂

playing with pwm controller:

Slicer Flow Calibration

New heater block (Slice Engineering Copperhead), heater cartridge (Sidewinder X1 64Watts 24V), thermistor (E3D PT1000), nozzle (Micro Swiss M2 Hardened High Speed Steel Nozzle) and fan (Sunon MF40202V2-A99-A), doing some test printing and tuning via https://teachingtechyt.github.io/calibration.html#flow

RatRig preparations

BOM Orbiter, Mosquito, endstops, BLTouch and fan ducts https://main.eva-3d.page/