4th line

You Don’t Exist Unless You Can be Googled

“The thing to grasp about my journey with you this morning, is if you don’t have your 15 minutes of fame, if you don’t have one thousand friends, if you don’t have people who know people who know you, you don’t exist. If you can’t be googled, you don’t exist. And it literally is that way in terms of what it is to be driven as a species through Pentas, to be successful, to demonstrate, to be out there in the world, to advance our gene pool. The methodology of the world is familiarity. You have to be out there.

The heretic is not naturally good at that. They’re not; they’re heretics. Heresy is not a full time job; it’s not supposed to be. Friendship is, Friendship is 24/7. I’ve got what you need, whenever you need it. This is the 4-world.

Heresy, like all 5th Lines, is there for a certain moment. It’s there to have power in that moment, to be able to stand at exactly the right moment to stop what’s there and turn it around and show what’s possible. You can’t just do that anymore, it instantly goes out into the world. It’s the thing that’s so amazing about our time. And of course, it gets watered down in that world because the game is not the same.

I love being a heretic, because one thing about being a heretic is you’re always on the line. This is what your whole life is about: Prove me wrong, I’ll stand up to it. I don’t care what you think, I don’t care what you believe, prove me wrong. Because this is the way; this is heresy.”
– Ra Uru Hu, Teachers, Gurus, Priests, Prophets, Messengers, and Buddhas

Strangers are not for the Opportunist

You always know that an opportunist has gone over the edge when they’re embracing strangers. They’re desperate and their network is falling apart. If you’re an opportunist, strangers are always going to be the most dangerous thing for you. They’re not for you. Anybody that’s new in your life has to come with a recommendation, with an introduction. To be a 4 and to truly be healthy you have to be very disciplined about your relationships. And it’s not easy. There is this natural comraderie that is in the 4th line. And given the construct of peoples designs, some of whom are quite social, it gets very easily confused.

In a sense, the 3-4 are very much about the material plane. The 3 is about the material itself. The 4 is about the resources of the material plane, the human resources and the way they work. One of the things about the opportunist is that they need to look at those beings in their life with a material eye. Given our various cultures and the way in which people consider these things, that wouldn’t be considered very nice or romantic or politically correct, but this is a heretical knowledge, after all, it’s just the truth of it. Are these people going to be good for me; and that often is something that is deeply material. Are they reliable? Can I count on them?

Because remember, it’s not just simply selfish, please understand that. I don’t want to give that impression. The 4 at the same time is doing something that is essential. They are externalizing that secure platform, whatever that secure platform happens to be. They’re the ones that are influencing others. Those that are in their network appreciate that at some level or another, whether they appreciate it to the point that it’s beneficial ultimately to the opportunist is another story, but it’s not like they are taking and not giving.

As a matter of fact, they are the foundation of transpersonal relationships. Everything about the nature of meeting the other in terms of the way the script is written begins at the line level in the 4th lines. If you want to see all of the social paraphernalia of human interaction read all 64 fourth lines and you will see the social dynamic of the transpersonal interaction and the way to bring about influence, those 64 different potential externalizations or influences that there in those 4th lines. – Ra’s Words of Wisdom – Post 130

Source: http://www.ihdschool.com/Blogs